Join the BDA

The British Dental Association is a Trade Union and professional association for dentists in the UK. As a not-for-profit, member-owned organisation, our sole purpose is to help and support you.

BDA membership is split in to three packages designed to give maximum benefit to qualified dentists, student dentists and international members. Essential membership starts from as little as £406* per year and provides:

  1. 24 issues of the British Dental Journal per year
  2. Over 60 hours of verifiable CPD per year
  3. 12 issues of BDJ In Practice per year
  4. Earn, track and record CPD online using the BDA hub


  • Trade Union membership
  • Online networking forum (BDA Connect)
  • Access to Europe’s largest dental library
  • Access to local branch network
  • Professional financial planning and advice
  • Generous discounts on BDJ Books and BDA events and training
  • Free dental nurse job ads on BDJ Jobs

*This fee is tax deductible which reduces the cost to £243.60. Payments can be annual or monthly. Please see the terms and conditions on the BDA website to clarify costs and options. This information was correct and up to date as of the end of 2019. Current rates are available on the BDA main website.

Members can upgrade their package to Extra and Expert memberships which provide further cover, one-to-one support and increased CPD hours.

Make the most of the UK's largest Trade Union for dentists. Join the BDA.