SDPC report 21 February 2018

Scottish Dental Practice Committee
21 February 2018
Phil Grigor, newly appointed National Director BDA Scotland welcomed everyone to the first SDPC meeting of the new triennium, held on Wednesday 21 February 2018 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Dunblane
1. Elections
1.1 Chair
David McColl was elected unopposed as the Chair of SDPC.
1.2 Vice-Chair
Gerard Boyle was elected unopposed as Vice-Chair.
1.3 SDPC Executive Sub-Committee
Jeff Ellis, John Glen and Kenneth McDonald were successfully re-elected as members of the Executive and Gordon Stewart was newly elected as the fourth member.
1.4 Vacant Seats
A further BDA nationwide election was ongoing for the two vacant Grampian, Highland, Western Isles, Orkney and Shetland seats, with results to be announced in due course.
The Young Dentists Committee was to meet in London the following day when it was expected that a young dentist would be nominated to SDPC. The BMA has promised to select a representative from their Scottish General Practice Committee in due course.
1.5 Representatives to Other Committees
Members of SDPC self-nominated themselves as representatives to attend a number of other BDA committees and internal and external working groups.
2. Scottish Government Oral Health Improvement Plan
The committee discussed the content of the Scottish Government plan, with the majority believing it to be an aspirational document, but lacking in detail. Members were disappointed that there were no proposals to implement water fluoridation, and concerns were raised at the proposals to move away from regular scale and polish treatments and extend regular six monthly dental check-ups for those patients not at risk from oral disease to an interval of 24 months. There was additional concern that these proposals could lead to a change to the GDS terms of service and that it was imperative BDA Scotland and SDPC meet with the Chief Dental Officer (CDO) and her team soon. Adrian Hart, Chair of Scottish Council had written to the CDO on 5 February 2018 raising concerns and seeking an early meeting.
3. DDRB Expenses Exercise
It was noted that Scottish Government was in the process of devising an online accounts template to be forwarded to SDPC ahead of publication for comment. During meetings held in November and December 2017, it was agreed that a joint Scottish Government – BDA Scotland communication would be issued with the template to encourage general dental practitioners (GDPs) to take part in this further expenses exercise. GDPs 95%+ NHS committed would be targeted, and the timescale was expected to run from the end of February until the end of March 2018.
Post Minute Note: the timescale has been delayed until the end of March with the deadline for completion April 2018.
4. Paediatric Extractions by General Anaesthetic – Extended Waiting Times
It was reported that this matter had been raised with Scottish Government in December 2017 and the matter had been directed to Frances McLinden, General Manager, Oral Health Directorate, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, who had been asked to respond directly to BDA Scotland. A response was awaited.
5. Quality Improvement – Clinical Audit
The committee discussed the lack of standardised guidance in relation to penalties imposed on GDPs who had not completed their clinical audit hours for the previous cycle, 2013-16. Scottish Government had deemed that this was the responsibility of the individual NHS Boards to decide on them, if any. It was agreed that a national ‘steer’ was needed from Scottish Government to the NHS Boards on how non-compliance would be managed, especially since the current cycle was due to end in 18 months’ time.
There was also a debate about the e-Significant Event Analysis (e-SEA) and reports from members that a number of dentists in Scotland had found that they had been awarded fewer hours than actually spent on clinical dental audit during the e-SEA process. SDPC was concerned that the system was not working effectively, and lacked a transparent appeals process with demonstrable timeframes.
6. Ongoing and Future Items of Discussion
Stress in the Dental Workplace
Decontamination equipment and maintenance costs
Emergency Drugs
7. Arrangements for the next meeting The next meeting will take place on Wednesday 23 May 2018 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Dunblane at 13:30hrs.
David McColl
Chair SDPC
March 2018